Here we are at the 100th day of the school year. Can't wait to see 1st graders doing their 100 steps and all the other 100 things that go with it. Always a fun day!

This week 8th graders have been signing up for their high school classes.  So far it has gone well. They have had an evening presentation on how to enroll in classes and we have taken a few classes since then to go over it on a more individual basis. Some of us have finished and some are still trying to determine their best options for next year.

We are in the midst of getting things ready for the formal dance tonight. Great excitement about this event!

Here is an preview of an upcoming Premiere that looks interesting. What is it that our children are able to do with the digital tools that exist in the world that they are growing up in?!

Day 97



As I sit here this afternoon we are watching the roof glaciers inch over the edge and crash to the snow banks below I am reminded of the tremendous forces of nature that we witness everyday. Speaking of forces of nature,  8th grade has a test on glaciers tomorrow, today 6th grade had a great discussion about the creation of elements within a supernova and 7th grade  has completed an engineering challenge to get our tanks to feed each other with out flooding the classroom. They also have their webcam set up to monitor the class tank, very cool.  (and the plumber got the water system back online this morning so that we could be here for the day) All this after a 1 hour delay!  

Tonight the 8th graders and their parents will be meeting with the high school administration about signing up for their freshman classes. Very exciting.   And now more snow is coming down. Crazy times!

Last night the student council group got together for the first newspaper meeting. Thanks to those who could stay and were outstanding in their leadership, organization and ability to get started on a task independently. See you all again next week. 

Today seemed to have all the energy that an impending snow fall can have on us. Hard to focus on the tasks at hand and so easy to dream about the possibilities to come!

I think that we have just about finished the NWEA tests for the winter session. Was trying to get it done before the possible snow day tomorrow. There looks to be big planning for the Friday night Super Bowl Party at AVs that I mentioned in the last post. 8th graders got their marching orders from Mrs. Hyland this morning and it is sounding like a great evening event. 
We are also working on trying to sell carnations this week for the Valentines Day delivery date. Not easy with all this snow in the forecast. 

There seem to be plenty of illnesses going around at this time so make sure that you are getting your sleep, washing hands and thinking positive thoughts!

Enjoy the snow as it arrives and I am hoping that we do not lose electricity with this storm.  If you have electricity and internet connection you can check out the RiceBowl Challenge on the FreeRice site as you hunker down for the snow.

Well here we are halfway through this school year and I have to get this writing thing cranked up again. I guess that I have been stuck on these stairs to the moon. I don't know if there are many reading but over the last few week I have heard from some of you that "there wasn't much happening on that site of yours"!  Enough said. With more than two people asking I will see what I can do to get this brain back in gear.

We have weathered the Patriots loss and now just have the Super Bowl to go which reminds me that this Friday there will be a Super Bowl party here at AVS from 5-7. There will be games, movie clips, fun, food, food, and more food for the event. All are welcome and 8th grade and Mary Hyland will be hosting. Hyland+football= fun time.

There are carnations going on sale this week as an 8th grade fundraiser. They will be delivered on Feb 14th.  Do not miss this annual opportunity!

Spelling Bee is this Friday 9:30am. 

8th graders will be beginning to sign up for their high school classes on Feb. 8 @ a meeting here at AVS for parents and students. There is a dinner before hand (5:30) and meeting to follow to introduce the class sign up procedure. High school experts will be here to answer your every question. 

Speaking of 8th grade, they are working on their Million Dollar Speeches that they will present on Feb. 14th. The time for that is  still to be determined.  In math we have finished the algebra unit and have started in on a geometry based measurement unit. We are working with boxes and finding areas, volumes and the relationships between them. In science we are finishing up with some research on glaciers. 

7th grade has been planning and designing a few experiments for the tank. We have purchased a small pump to expand our tank system and have contacted Dave Munson to assist with some organisms for the experiments. In math we are continuing our work on probability. We also have the Monday morning stock market game that is keeping us looking at the stock reports.

6th grade has been and is ready to be finished with the periodic table. They have down some great work in their investigation of the elements.

The AVS Council is off to a great start and are in the process of getting a school newspaper up and running. There was tremendous interest within the group and from the school community. We are hoping that this next monday we can get a first issue out on the streets. Look for it!  The council is also working on a possible Winter Carnival festivity some time in March. 

And finally the end of March be looking for Shakespearian Pirates on the premises! Could be interesting.

So what is on your mind? What could I be telling you? Let me know, leave a comment!!

Peace and here comes February.

December 20, 2010

Gary Bosk, MEd.Principal
Seems like it was basketball Friday today. After Wednesday's home game wins for both boys and girls I was so excited to see our teams play some great ball today. And I got all that and more!

The boy's have had a strong season and on Wednesday continued their outstanding work by defeating Woolwich and moving on in the playoffs to meet Thomaston at home tonight. I got to watch the opening minutes of that game before I had to leave, with Appleton seemingly in control, I was off with my kids to make a delivery to Waldoboro and from there we ventured on to the girl's game at GSB. 

On Wednesday night the girls had an impressive win against Bristol in a thrilling game to watch. It has been a while since I have been able to witness such an intense, well matched win on the AVS court. The fans were thrilled with the game and well they should be. It was an emotional experience as we watched from our seats. With that in mind my kids and I ventured into the GSB gym tonight to see an Appleton team, down by only 4 points in the 3rd quarter and the GSB fans were not sitting on their hands as I sensed plenty of energy, nerves and concern for their team who was being put to the test, maybe for the first time of their season, by our Appleton girls. Appleton was playing with the intensity and drive that they had had on Wednesday and were truly putting on a show that made me proud as they represented our school it such an outstanding manner. Even though we did not get the win tonight, the last two games that I was able to see, our girls played to win and to show themselves and the rest of us what they are capable of. I was truly impressed with their play, their team work and their sportsmanship. Girls, you and your coach had an amazing finish to this season. One that you can be proud of individually, as a team and as a school community. You made me proud and I was just looking on from the bleachers! You, your coach and your parents helped make some great things happen these last few nights. Well done and thank you.

The boy's have had an outstanding season as well and I look forward to their continued success as they move forward in the playoffs. Keep up the good work boys and see you all at LIncolnville.

Creative Common photo.  victoriaemeredith


Day 62



Well it is about time that I got back into this communication. 

Thanksgiving is over and the snow is falling so I guess that winter is here. 8th grade has been working on their fundraising with trees, wreaths and the dance. At last count we were over the $4000 mark. Closing in on the 1/2 way mark for the trip $$$. 

8th grade students have the math comp test on Thursday morning. They are to be working on practice problems from the test before Thursday. 

7th grade has started with the microscopes and have been staring at prepared slide this week to get the procedures figured out. This week I hope to get to some slide prep skills. We also have had a hose delivery from Kristen and are working on the physics of siphoning. Also thinking about how we can fill smaller tanks from the large tank. Good problem solving practice. 

Today was interesting with the late arrival of busses and then the early dismissal but we did get a few things rolling. I got to hear dance stories and the playoff predictions and hopes for the basketball teams. This Wednesday both boys and girls will be at home to host the 1st round of the basketball playoffs. Congrats to both teams for their work throughout the season. Now it is time for playoffs. Enjoy it! Looking forward to a good week and now with the snow here we can get into the Christmas spirit. 

I think that the school concert has been moved to Dec. 21st so that should be the usual fun community gathering when we share our children's work and celebrate the holiday season.

Creative Commons photo: elif ayse


Day 55



For 8th grade parents and students the math comp test will be on Dec. 9 from 9:20-10:50.  Students are working on reviewing their math skills for the last week and need to continue to work on it on their own until the test date. 8th grade worked with their little buddies last week to put together a short recording about the components of bullying and a possible solution. It is always great to have them work with their little buddies as they begin to develop their skills at working with and teaching these younger students. They rise to the occasion and do some amazing things with these kids. Well done 8th graders!

7th grade is finishing up their work on algebra and has a take home test that is due Nov. 29. We are also working on designing a science project with the tank and crabs. Lots of ideas and questions have come out of that work. 

6th grade is moving into a study of the periodic table and are trying to figure out what elements, compounds and mixtures are. 

Wishing you all a festive Thanksgiving this week.


Day 52



Finishing up with Little buddies and the meeting presentation for Friday. Concluded a introduction for the 7th and 6th grade about Migrations that will relate to tomorrow's presentation from the planetarium. Working on getting the food drive wrapped up tomorrow with 7th grade help and 8th is working on math comp test preparation. 

Basketball game tonight in Woolwich and then another on Friday here against Vinalhaven. Busy times!

Report cards are on their way home tonight. The 1st term has come to it's formal conclusion and we are looking the holiday season in the face. Wow where did it all go? June will be here in no time at this rate. 

8th grade met with little buddies this afternoon to begin work on a presentation for the monthly community meeting on Friday afternoon. We have lots to accomplish and today's start was amazing as the groups of big and little buddies created scripts for their short audio presentations. They were introduced to the ideas and then had about 30 mins to meet, brainstorm and get something down on paper so that on Wednesday they will be ready for their recording sessions. They always amaze me when it comes to this sort of stuff. 

Some great basketball games tonight as the boys and girls both won their games against Bristol. Well done teams!

8th grade is also working on their math comp work and should have the practice test with them to look over a find the question that they need to review this week. I do not have a final date for the test but will let all know as soon as I get that information. 

There is a planetarium activity that the school will be experiencing on Thursday in their grade clusters. Should be a good outside resource that will spark a few questions and ideas. Also on that day we are getting Thanksgiving boxes together so get any food that you have to contribute in before then.  Thank you in advance.

cc photo by brad holt