Here we are at the 100th day of the school year. Can't wait to see 1st graders doing their 100 steps and all the other 100 things that go with it. Always a fun day!

This week 8th graders have been signing up for their high school classes.  So far it has gone well. They have had an evening presentation on how to enroll in classes and we have taken a few classes since then to go over it on a more individual basis. Some of us have finished and some are still trying to determine their best options for next year.

We are in the midst of getting things ready for the formal dance tonight. Great excitement about this event!

Here is an preview of an upcoming Premiere that looks interesting. What is it that our children are able to do with the digital tools that exist in the world that they are growing up in?!

02/12/2011 05:00

I have been checking every week or so and just want to say I am glad you are writing on this blog again. Thanks.


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