Well today was an exciting day in the middle school as the soccer team was headed out to Vinalhaven for an early afternoon game. They had an early lunch and boarded the bus shortly after noontime. This Vinalhaven game experience will be a new thing for Appleton. I am not sure why this change was made but it certainly will be an adventure for as all! As I recall I think that Vinalhaven is coming for a game at Appleton on October 1st. This is a 1:00 game as they have to get back to meet the ferry. Plan on attending if you are available.

Thanks to a few 8th graders, as the soccer team was headed off on their ferry ride, the rest of us went out on the Appleton field and began measuring for the lines to be painted here at Appleton. Weather permitting we are hoping that the paint can get down and dry before Saturday's game. 

I enjoyed last night's gathering at school as it allowed me to meet new parents, reconnect with familiar parents and answer some specific questions that some folks had. It is always great to share with parents what is going on at school, share stories and moments that tend to get lost in the usual hustle and bustle of school. I know that some were busy and unable to attend. If you have not signed up for a conference in October please call the school and see what time slots are still available. Conference day is Oct. 20th.

8th grade parents and students have been talking about fundraising options this last week. Great to have the discussions starting. Don't forget if you can post ideas and thoughts on the forum I would love to see ideas shared here!

And speaking of that, it was great to get positive comments about this site from parents both at the Welcome Back night and through email. It helps to hear that there are people who are reading and enjoying this communication medium. I hope that we can get this thing up and running on a consistent basis this year.

And don't forget NWEA testing tomorrow morning! 

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09/15/2010 16:58

The Vinalhaven game was great, the ferry ride was an adventure in itself. The kids were so excited. It was so beautiful. Go Wildcats...as they scored a victory with 3-1 win. Good job Appleton...

03/27/2011 23:11

Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.


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