Monday morning and the NWEA testing is finished for 7th and 8th grade. Celebration.  The sun is shinning, the temp is not 95°, the salt water tank is filling up with life, there is a soccer game this afternoon and it is fall in Maine. 

Saturday's home soccer game was a great time for us all to share that fall time with family and friends and neighbors. Thanks to 8th grade parents who set up an amazing concession stand with, not only coffee, but a variety of flavors of coffee, food and other goodies. Thanks to Amanda B. for getting that put together in such a professional manner. Come check it out this afternoon if you are available. Remember to bring along some $$ for the offerings.  And the again on Wednesday after school there is another home game. 

7th grade is looking into the classification of living things and tonight they are trying to come up with some categories that one could use to organize them. Interested in hearing their idea tomorrow.

8th grade has some math homework tonight. Page 27, # 7,8,9.  A check up quiz on Wednesday if all goes as planned tomorrow. In science we are beginning to looking into rocks and where and how they have been made. 

Photo:  Autumn 


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