Big day for middle schoolers as the camera man was in the house! Lots of getting that hair just right and trying to remember what the pose was that your parents wanted. Ahh, it is all behind us now.  8th grade even found a place to have their class photo taken, and it was not on the roof. Just so you know!

We had an afternoon trip to Lincolnville to partake in a presentation looking at relationships, how to keep relationships safe and how to help a friend who might be in a difficult relationship. The presentation was well done with a play situation that was interspersed with audience participation and interaction. This format was very successful in both getting the message across and entertaining at the same time. 

Soccer game after school @ 3:45 and I think that there is a X-country meeting either tomorrow or Thursday. Sorry I don't know the details on this. 

The salt water tank is doing well. Another green crab was added this afternoon and Kristen stayed after school to feed the critters so they are fat and happy tonight. 

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