That was a first for me. I remember hearing stories from teachers about heat shutting down school but here in Maine? Unheard of! Or maybe not. Do you remember having school shut down due to heat? (Let us know with a comment) Because the Welcome Back evening has been postpone we will need to find a time when all can sign up for conferences in October.

I am trying to get parents emails organized so that the majority of us can have access to this site. Hope to get that done this week.  Reminder to 8th grade parents that there are some Kieve forms coming home for your review and signatures. Thanks for getting those back to me as soon as possible.

Today 8th had a Q&A session about Kieve. Good questions and lots of excitement with this group. Very encouraging.

7th had a thrilling time with the Jumping Jacks. Ask them about their crazy teacher that has them do jumping jacks on a day like today!  Great time. Will review student's results tomorrow, assuming things cool down. 

Stay tuned to your radio and phone as to our dismissal time tomorrow. If warm again they may have early release again.

Laptops will be coming either tomorrow or early next week if this heat shortens the week. Also if you or others in your family are readers this site might be of interest to you. It is a place where you can share your reading list with others, recommendations and new reading ideas. I have used Shelfari for a few years now and have enjoyed the connections and insights that it can provide when one is looking for a new book.


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