What a wild Friday it has been!  Wind and rain and no power and leaving school early and finished NECAP tests and basketball sign ups are on the wall and 8th grade fundraisers and dance next week and soccer is over (well done team) and X country had a meet on Thursday and the tank did fine with the power outage and ...  and ...  and ...

8th grade is trying to get their fundraising ramped up with a raffle for cord wood and the hunter's breakfast at the end of the month. So be looking for the raffle tickets for the wood and if you are an 8th grade parent you might want to check with Amanda to see how your child can help out with the hunter's breakfast. On another note the 8th grade class did a great job over the last two weeks putting forth their best efforts on the NECAP tests that we finished today. Maybe their reward was the early release this afternoon.

7th grade has been working very well with the tank, feeding, cleaning and making observations. We have been working along on our algebra work and some of us are finding moments when the challenges are interesting enough that they don't want to stop for science class. Good work all round!

Parent - Teacher conferences will be next week. Wednesday the 20th is early release and conferences start shortly after that release. If you have not signed up please give the school a call and schedule for a meeting.  Thanks.

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photo cc license from eflon


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