Day 32



Well this was only the second Monday this year that we have not had testing or some other activity interrupt the class schedule. Amazing, but not out of the ordinary in this testing fever that is education.  Parent student teacher conferences are happening this Wednesday. Check your conference time.

Well 7th grade got started on a Stock Market Game in math class and will be working once a week on their financial plans, trades, and hopefully profits for the next few months.  

For 8th grade half the class was working on NECAP makeups and then we reviewed the tasks that needed to be completed for the dance this Friday. 

As I sit here now I am hearing the squeak of sneakers on the gym floor and realize that the basketball season is swinging into action. They are working on the intro drills and before we know it they will be underway with some game activity. 

8th graders are going to be finishing up assembling the FIREWOOD raffle tickets tomorrow and will be selling them over the next few weeks. Find an 8th grader for a chance to when a cord or two of firewood.  

Also the yearbook staff is going to be getting organized this week with members selling yearbook ads in the near future.

cc photo from horia varlan


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