Day 34



With a strong finish from parents signing up for conferences it looks like we will have full afternoon today. Thank you all for finding time in your day to sit down and meet with teachers and students to help in the education of your children. 

8th grade has spent the last 20 minutes creating some more raffle tickets so I hope that you can find an 8th grader, or even better an 8th graders can find you and give you an opportunity to get your name in for the FIREWOOD raffle.

7th grade has done a clean up on the tank today and have noted with their chemistry tests that the nitrate level is higher than last week which might explain the loss of one of the crabs yesterday. I also feed them fish yesterday and some of the left over fish might also have contributed to the high nitrate level as the fish starts to decompose. It also explains the aroma in my classroom yesterday. 

Looking forward to some Civil War time letter reading from the Moody family tomorrow afternoon! Thanks M

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