Wow, it is Friday already and before I know it the term will be ending (Nov. 5).  Yesterday the middle school had a great trip back in time with a reading from letters of John Richardson and his sisters as he took part in the Civil War. Jack and Katie did an outstanding job with their characters and giving us a glimpse in time of both life at war and on Appleton ridge during the 1860's. 

The story of these letters that were found at the Pitman house on the ridge is quite amazing. Both sides of their correspondence was found in a barn  and has been transcribed by the present residents of the house, who are related to the letter writers 150 years ago. There are copies of these letters at both the Appleton School library and the Appleton town library. It was a great history lesson brought to life with local resources and stories. Thank you all for bringing those letters to life for all of us.

For those of you who were wondering a rod is a unit of measure that is 16.5 feet long and is based on a unit measure in surveying during that time period.

Basketball practices are finishing up now and then the dance will be getting underway in a few hours. Thanks to Amanda Boyington, Mr. Caron for helping get this dance up and running and hugh thanks to Toni Clark for chaperoning this one. Trusting that all goes well and there are plenty who attend. Looking forward to the stories on Monday morning.

Next Saturday, Oct 30th is the Hunter's Breakfast so get your appetite up for that one.

On a school related note the schedule will be changing on Monday so student's days will be slightly different from what we have become used to these first two months. The schedule looks much like the schedule that we have had for the last few years.  I am looking forward to some constants in our routines and get the learning rolling. 

I am also looking forward to what appears to be a very "fall weekend" coming up.

John Richardson's reader

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