Today is day two with our new schedule and from my point of view it seems to be on the right track. My 7th grade and 8th grade has  a schedule that allows them to basically have the same academic classes every day. So each day 7th has math and science at 9:20 and 10:05 respectively and 8th grade has science and math at 11:05 and 11:30 respectively. This consistency is a real help to students and teachers alike.

8th grade is working on their geology podcasts. I am hoping that they will be available for your listening pleasure the beginning of next week. Keep your ears tuned!

7th grade has been working on classification and have found an interest in the fungi kingdom at this moment. With so many mushrooms in everyone's yards they are investigating mushrooms and spore prints. A few students found some a recess time and brought them in today. Thanks Grace and Nicole! I look forward to see what others bringing tomorrow and where our discussion takes us.

6th grade was finishing up their work on density and are beginning to ask questions about elements and what they are and where they come from. Great day today in class.

The reports from the dance were that we made a nice sum of money but that there were issues that need to be worked out before the next dance. Clean up being the big sticking point but also start timing and how to deal with larger groups. We had an informative discussion about their experience and ways to improve it for the next time.

Also thanks to Robin and Danica for putting together 50 raffle ticket books last night!


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