Day 49




Wednesday was the AVS Veterans Day gathering. It is days like that, that make one feel so much better with the world. Thanks to all who attended and to those who worked to put it together.

We of course gather to give thanks to the veterans on this day and they are always so willing, understanding, and seemingly happy to share the day with us. A huge thanks to them and their sharing with us on this day. This year we did have a few changes in the routine that some of us were nervous about but as the day ended we were pleased with how the changes worked. Much of these changes were brought to us by Chris Moody, so a big thanks to him for the insight, ideas, and sharing of the tricks of the trade. It is great to have an experienced teacher giving us ideas and feedback about the event.

For me the greatest thing about the day was our students, (but I'm biased) we don't always have these types of days but this was a memorable one. They rose to the occasion in the prep work, the interviews, the introductions, the panel discussion, the set-up, the music, the lunch serving and the putting things away. It was a complete package and it was great to reflect on their role in making the day happen. It was for them and with out them it could not have happened. It was real, they knew it. Those vets sitting in front of them had stories, dreams, and advice to share and our students where there to soak it in, reflect and thank those who have served our country. They did it with poise and reverence that gets their teacher emotional at times.  So thanks to the students for making it such a special day. 

This coming week we have basketball games on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Home games are Monday and Friday so there will be plenty of excitement around that this week. Report cards should be coming home on Monday. We are also getting the Thanksgiving food baskets put together this week so check with your student to see what you can add to the food collection. Thank you.

A link to some photos from Wednesday's experience.


Ben van der Schaaf
11/13/2010 03:50

The link to the pictures doesn't work (yet).

11/13/2010 07:00

I am not get into the picture link either.

Ben Sims
11/13/2010 07:06

Thanks for these updates. I wish I was able to make it to the Veterans Day event. I'm glad the kids got so much out of it.

11/13/2010 10:21

Thanks for the messages about the dead link. I think that it should be working now.


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