Report cards are on their way home tonight. The 1st term has come to it's formal conclusion and we are looking the holiday season in the face. Wow where did it all go? June will be here in no time at this rate. 

8th grade met with little buddies this afternoon to begin work on a presentation for the monthly community meeting on Friday afternoon. We have lots to accomplish and today's start was amazing as the groups of big and little buddies created scripts for their short audio presentations. They were introduced to the ideas and then had about 30 mins to meet, brainstorm and get something down on paper so that on Wednesday they will be ready for their recording sessions. They always amaze me when it comes to this sort of stuff. 

Some great basketball games tonight as the boys and girls both won their games against Bristol. Well done teams!

8th grade is also working on their math comp work and should have the practice test with them to look over a find the question that they need to review this week. I do not have a final date for the test but will let all know as soon as I get that information. 

There is a planetarium activity that the school will be experiencing on Thursday in their grade clusters. Should be a good outside resource that will spark a few questions and ideas. Also on that day we are getting Thanksgiving boxes together so get any food that you have to contribute in before then.  Thank you in advance.

cc photo by brad holt


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