Day 55



For 8th grade parents and students the math comp test will be on Dec. 9 from 9:20-10:50.  Students are working on reviewing their math skills for the last week and need to continue to work on it on their own until the test date. 8th grade worked with their little buddies last week to put together a short recording about the components of bullying and a possible solution. It is always great to have them work with their little buddies as they begin to develop their skills at working with and teaching these younger students. They rise to the occasion and do some amazing things with these kids. Well done 8th graders!

7th grade is finishing up their work on algebra and has a take home test that is due Nov. 29. We are also working on designing a science project with the tank and crabs. Lots of ideas and questions have come out of that work. 

6th grade is moving into a study of the periodic table and are trying to figure out what elements, compounds and mixtures are. 

Wishing you all a festive Thanksgiving this week.


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