Seems like it was basketball Friday today. After Wednesday's home game wins for both boys and girls I was so excited to see our teams play some great ball today. And I got all that and more!

The boy's have had a strong season and on Wednesday continued their outstanding work by defeating Woolwich and moving on in the playoffs to meet Thomaston at home tonight. I got to watch the opening minutes of that game before I had to leave, with Appleton seemingly in control, I was off with my kids to make a delivery to Waldoboro and from there we ventured on to the girl's game at GSB. 

On Wednesday night the girls had an impressive win against Bristol in a thrilling game to watch. It has been a while since I have been able to witness such an intense, well matched win on the AVS court. The fans were thrilled with the game and well they should be. It was an emotional experience as we watched from our seats. With that in mind my kids and I ventured into the GSB gym tonight to see an Appleton team, down by only 4 points in the 3rd quarter and the GSB fans were not sitting on their hands as I sensed plenty of energy, nerves and concern for their team who was being put to the test, maybe for the first time of their season, by our Appleton girls. Appleton was playing with the intensity and drive that they had had on Wednesday and were truly putting on a show that made me proud as they represented our school it such an outstanding manner. Even though we did not get the win tonight, the last two games that I was able to see, our girls played to win and to show themselves and the rest of us what they are capable of. I was truly impressed with their play, their team work and their sportsmanship. Girls, you and your coach had an amazing finish to this season. One that you can be proud of individually, as a team and as a school community. You made me proud and I was just looking on from the bleachers! You, your coach and your parents helped make some great things happen these last few nights. Well done and thank you.

The boy's have had an outstanding season as well and I look forward to their continued success as they move forward in the playoffs. Keep up the good work boys and see you all at LIncolnville.

Creative Common photo.  victoriaemeredith


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