Well here we are halfway through this school year and I have to get this writing thing cranked up again. I guess that I have been stuck on these stairs to the moon. I don't know if there are many reading but over the last few week I have heard from some of you that "there wasn't much happening on that site of yours"!  Enough said. With more than two people asking I will see what I can do to get this brain back in gear.

We have weathered the Patriots loss and now just have the Super Bowl to go which reminds me that this Friday there will be a Super Bowl party here at AVS from 5-7. There will be games, movie clips, fun, food, food, and more food for the event. All are welcome and 8th grade and Mary Hyland will be hosting. Hyland+football= fun time.

There are carnations going on sale this week as an 8th grade fundraiser. They will be delivered on Feb 14th.  Do not miss this annual opportunity!

Spelling Bee is this Friday 9:30am. 

8th graders will be beginning to sign up for their high school classes on Feb. 8 @ a meeting here at AVS for parents and students. There is a dinner before hand (5:30) and meeting to follow to introduce the class sign up procedure. High school experts will be here to answer your every question. 

Speaking of 8th grade, they are working on their Million Dollar Speeches that they will present on Feb. 14th. The time for that is  still to be determined.  In math we have finished the algebra unit and have started in on a geometry based measurement unit. We are working with boxes and finding areas, volumes and the relationships between them. In science we are finishing up with some research on glaciers. 

7th grade has been planning and designing a few experiments for the tank. We have purchased a small pump to expand our tank system and have contacted Dave Munson to assist with some organisms for the experiments. In math we are continuing our work on probability. We also have the Monday morning stock market game that is keeping us looking at the stock reports.

6th grade has been and is ready to be finished with the periodic table. They have down some great work in their investigation of the elements.

The AVS Council is off to a great start and are in the process of getting a school newspaper up and running. There was tremendous interest within the group and from the school community. We are hoping that this next monday we can get a first issue out on the streets. Look for it!  The council is also working on a possible Winter Carnival festivity some time in March. 

And finally the end of March be looking for Shakespearian Pirates on the premises! Could be interesting.

So what is on your mind? What could I be telling you? Let me know, leave a comment!!

Peace and here comes February.


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