Sorry no day 9 report last night. I was under the weather so here goes day 10.

Getting ready for the Open House this evening. Yesterday we did NWEA tests with 7th and 8th grade. There are two more tests this week, on Thursday and Friday. Any make up tests will be scheduled for next week. We then have a week off and then we have to think about the State tests that we need to complete in October. 

We have the tank up and running and now we have a few critters hanging out in there. Kristen brought in some lobsters and crabs. Thanks for the crustacean delivery! David Burr has taken a tank repair project home with him this afternoon to see about fixing the outflow pipe. I'm sure that he can work his magic on that plastic pipe. 

8th grade met today to talk about fund raisers that they had in mind and dance dates and themes. Good meeting. Used a lot of what they had learned from their time at Kieve to work together during the meeting time. And while I am on the Kieve news they have come back to AVS with such positive attitudes and spoke very highly of their time there last week. Hats off to them!

7th grade has been working on their math, looking at linear relationships, intervals and graphing them. Has been a productive week. No science yet this week. Just tank talk which has been excellent. All seem excited about getting it up and running.


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