Well, we are getting to the end of our Wednesday.  One soccer game just about finished, one class meeting down with lots of great suggestions about where the 8th grade trip might be going this spring and one more fundraiser completed. 

With Amanda Boyington coordinating the fundraising for the class trip we are going to have a parent meeting on Monday evening (Sept 27th) at 6:30 at the school. This meeting will give all a chance to share fundraising ideas and more importantly allow parents to agree to head up the various fundraisers that we think are worth doing. This is going to be a long year with plenty of money to raise and work to be done. We look forward to seeing you there to help with this process.

I hope that parents and students can make use of the forum on this site to coordinate the fundraisers as they come up. It might be easier than email as sometimes things get lost if we don't reply all, or addresses get dropped from the conversation. The forum conversation is visible to all so that we can all be on the same page as we coordinate for an event.

We now have a horseshoe crab in the tank and I think that Carly has taken over the guardianship of the crab. She has spent much of the day observing the behavior of the crab. She has made some recommendations about what the crab requires and I am hopeful that we can make the crab's stay as comfortable as possible before it has to return to the wild.

X-country meet at THMS in Belfast tomorrow. Soccer game at Hope on Friday. 

Reminder on those permission slips for MMA and the Lincolnville presentation next week. I have about half of the MMA slips at this time. 

Photo: Horseshoe crab


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