Day 2


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That was another hot day in the 8th Grade room. I need to work on a redesign of the room to get the breeze in and the sun out. 6th grade and I did a quick experiment at the end of the day and found that we could make it hotter by closing the windows even though the curtains keep the sun out.

Home work: 8th Math - Finish Problem 1.1
6th Science - Finish the Science survey

Tomorrow in 7th math we will begin the jumping jacks. Hope that it is cooler than it was today.  8th grade will be working on their linear relationships from the experiment homework.  Also 8th grade will be getting some Kieve paperwork with packing info, timing info and a permission slip for the bus ride. Here is a link to the Kieve Leadership School. It has some links to information that might help you as you plan for next weeks adventure. 

Cool off tonight,

Mr. Porter

03/27/2011 23:10

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