We are working hard during study hall as there is an away basketball game this afternoon and there is plenty for students to be working on as the term is coming to a close this Friday. 

The Hunter's Breakfast was a financial success this Saturday. Thanks to all that came out and had breakfast, to those who helped get the word out and to those who did the work to get the event organized. Special thanks to Ashley and her work that morning to get the job done! 

This week we have a performance from the Heartwood Theater @ 9:00am on Wednesday for the whole school. Looking forward to this performance an the work that they will do with our students later in the year. 

So basketball season has it's first game this evening. Tonight the games are @ Great Salt Bay. The first home games will be next Monday against Hope. 

Today 8th grade did have to do more "equations" which is difficult for those that feel there should be no equations in math. 8th grade is also finishing up their podcasts. Their final  versions are due Wednesday. 

7th grade had a good day on Wall Street today. One team sold and bought  shares and another one felt that their investments were fine and they bought other shares. 7th also worked on explaining why fungi is more closely related to animals than plants. Who would have guessed?

6th grade looked at the size of a cell, a molecule and an atom. Great work today as we straightened out some misconceptions around these three items. Heading toward the periodic table!

Enjoy what is left of the candy.


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