So today I was doing my civic duty at the courthouse in Rockland as a member of the August/September jury panel. This was a first for me. It is an interesting experience which I am glad to have completed and it is even sweeter in the fact that I was not chosen for any of the trials this session. I have spent two days this summer with this duty, sitting, observing and learning about how the judicial system operates at this level. Very interesting!

With that duty now behind me I am off to Kieve with the 8th graders tomorrow. Looking forward to see how they work into their responsibilities there. Usually a great experience for all. Will try to get some pictures when I am there. 

Thanks to Melaine Bragg for subbing in my room today. Alway good to have a familiar face in the room.

Trust all had a good Labor Day weekend and I see that soccer was getting underway this afternoon after school. Great to have a team getting ready for their season.


09/07/2010 18:10

Good for you, Mr. Porter. Now out of the courthouse and on to Camp Kieve. I hope you all have a great week. We'll be looking forward to hearing about it. It's a great program. Have Fun.


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