Well it is about time that I got back into this communication. 

Thanksgiving is over and the snow is falling so I guess that winter is here. 8th grade has been working on their fundraising with trees, wreaths and the dance. At last count we were over the $4000 mark. Closing in on the 1/2 way mark for the trip $$$. 

8th grade students have the math comp test on Thursday morning. They are to be working on practice problems from the test before Thursday. 

7th grade has started with the microscopes and have been staring at prepared slide this week to get the procedures figured out. This week I hope to get to some slide prep skills. We also have had a hose delivery from Kristen and are working on the physics of siphoning. Also thinking about how we can fill smaller tanks from the large tank. Good problem solving practice. 

Today was interesting with the late arrival of busses and then the early dismissal but we did get a few things rolling. I got to hear dance stories and the playoff predictions and hopes for the basketball teams. This Wednesday both boys and girls will be at home to host the 1st round of the basketball playoffs. Congrats to both teams for their work throughout the season. Now it is time for playoffs. Enjoy it! Looking forward to a good week and now with the snow here we can get into the Christmas spirit. 

I think that the school concert has been moved to Dec. 21st so that should be the usual fun community gathering when we share our children's work and celebrate the holiday season.

Creative Commons photo: elif ayse


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