As I sit here this afternoon we are watching the roof glaciers inch over the edge and crash to the snow banks below I am reminded of the tremendous forces of nature that we witness everyday. Speaking of forces of nature,  8th grade has a test on glaciers tomorrow, today 6th grade had a great discussion about the creation of elements within a supernova and 7th grade  has completed an engineering challenge to get our tanks to feed each other with out flooding the classroom. They also have their webcam set up to monitor the class tank, very cool.  (and the plumber got the water system back online this morning so that we could be here for the day) All this after a 1 hour delay!  

Tonight the 8th graders and their parents will be meeting with the high school administration about signing up for their freshman classes. Very exciting.   And now more snow is coming down. Crazy times!

Last night the student council group got together for the first newspaper meeting. Thanks to those who could stay and were outstanding in their leadership, organization and ability to get started on a task independently. See you all again next week. 


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