Today seemed to have all the energy that an impending snow fall can have on us. Hard to focus on the tasks at hand and so easy to dream about the possibilities to come!

I think that we have just about finished the NWEA tests for the winter session. Was trying to get it done before the possible snow day tomorrow. There looks to be big planning for the Friday night Super Bowl Party at AVs that I mentioned in the last post. 8th graders got their marching orders from Mrs. Hyland this morning and it is sounding like a great evening event. 
We are also working on trying to sell carnations this week for the Valentines Day delivery date. Not easy with all this snow in the forecast. 

There seem to be plenty of illnesses going around at this time so make sure that you are getting your sleep, washing hands and thinking positive thoughts!

Enjoy the snow as it arrives and I am hoping that we do not lose electricity with this storm.  If you have electricity and internet connection you can check out the RiceBowl Challenge on the FreeRice site as you hunker down for the snow.


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